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On behalf of our staff, we thank you for choosing our office to fill your optometric needs.

Our practice has been voted Best in Seminole for several years, which is what drives us to keep up to date with the latest technology in order to check the whole eye health for your annual visit. While our emphasis is on early preventative care, we also provide services for restorative care and emergency visits. Let us tell you what you should expect when coming in for an annual exam.

At your first visit, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam. Our eye exams include a complete check of the health for your eyes, dilation, and a glasses prescription with use from our digital phoropter. We also offer additional testing that further checks the health of your eye, like our retinal imaging instrument which helps the doctor establish a good baseline of your current eye health. Contact lens exams may also be performed at your scheduled annual exam, in which the doctors will fit you with the appropriate material and brand for your eyes. If needed, the doctor may also recommend monitoring your eyes more frequently depending on your determined vision condition at your annual exam.

We have provided our new patient information packet for you, along with a couple forms that correspond to your particular insurance plan(as applicable). Please fill these forms out at least 48hours prior to your appointment and bring your medical insurance cards with you. 

Should you have any questions about our practice, services, or policies please let us know how we can help by calling us or by visiting our website at www.advancedeyecareflorida.com. We look forward to your visit.